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Emma's Muesli
Emma’s Muesli

For many years, I tested different cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts, sweeteners and oils. I used a selection of ingredients from France, Germany and Switzerland and then added a Mediterranean touch, using the finest extra virgin olive oil from my own country of origin, Spain. With the knowledge gained through my research, I created a unique variety of delicious healthy Home Made Müesli and Granola products.

When choosing my ingredients, I pay special attention to the nutritional value, quality and flavour of each individual element. There is no added sugar in my products except the muesli made with chocolate and made with my home made cakes and biscuits. I combine ingredients resulting in high quality, delicious tasting, easy to digest Müesli and Granola.

I have several varieties of Müesli and Granola including Gluten Free and Vegan options, for you to enjoy.
All recipes contain: fine bio oat flakes, bio spelt flakes with toasty taste, bio amaranth in the gluten free version, bio ground lin seeds, bio chia seeds, bio sunflower seeds, bio sesame seeds, Spanish extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina olives which gives the sweet and a slightly spicy taste.

The three main classic recipes are:

The Red Fruits Müesli recipe that contains: Lyophilized strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with no added sugar.
Lyophilization process gives the fruit a crispy texture and protects the nutritional value of the fruits during the life time of the Müesli.
I also use sulfite free natural apple which is added to give a natural sweetness.

The Nuts Müesli recipe contains:
– Marcona Almonds, the tastiest almonds
– Macadamia Nuts, the king of nuts considered to have the hightest nutrient value of all nuts
– Bio Piemonte Hazelnuts, one of my favourite nuts giving a bit of sweet taste to the Müesli, plus natural apple and raisins. Again, there is no added sugar.

The Dark Chocolate Müesli recipe contains:
– Swiss dark chocolate 64% chocolate
– Bio Spelt flakes
– Swiss Velvety dark chocolate chips with 70% cocoa

A hint of honey to the Müesli and hint of bio maple syrup is added to the Vegan Müesli and Vegan Granola.
I use bio products whenever possible.

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