Delicious Artisanal Müesli and Granola

Emma's Müesli and Granola

Emma's Muesli
Emma’s Muesli

The most delicious muesli without refined sugar and exciting sweet muesli recipes.

The Story Behind Emma’s Muesli

I make the finest, tastiest muesli using top quality ingredients and extra virgin olive oil, a key ingredient of one of the healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet.

Emma’s Muesli recipe is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and delicious.

For many years, I tested different cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts, sweeteners and oils. I used a selection of ingredients and then added a Mediterranean touch, using the extra virgin olive oil arbequina from my own country of origin, Spain. With the knowledge gained through my research and managing a blog of recipes and my love for muesli, I created a unique variety of delicious healthy Artisanal Muesli and Artisanal Granola.

When choosing my ingredients, I pay special attention to the nutritional value, quality and flavour of each individual ingredient. I combine ingredients resulting in high quality, delicious tasting, easy to digest Müesli and Granola.

All the cereals are organic.

Enjoy a new experience during your breakfasts, lunch or dinners with a healthy, delicious and nutritious Muesli or sweet Muesli with my home made cakes or swiss chocolate.

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