Emma's Muesli

Hi! My name is Emma!

I was born in La Rioja, a community located in the north of Spain. I am a lover of good food. I believe in the importance of a varied and balanced diet. I am, in particular, a major fan of desserts! My love of baking started when I was a teenager. These passions led me to create a cooking blog, www.laencimeraazul.com, where I have posted numerous recipes for desserts as well as some of my favourite main dishes.

One of my favourite meals of the day is breakfast, with fresh orange juice, coffee with milk and one of the most nutritious and balanced foods that exists, Müesli. I also like for breakfast bread from the previous day dipped in extra virgin olive oil and perhaps a wonderful croissant.

Life took me from Spain to Switzerland, which coincidentally is also the land of Müesli. I settled down in the tri-border city of Basel, which sits next to France and Germany. An added benefit to a wonderful multi-cultural life in Basel, The Navel of Western Europe, was stumbling across a multitude of different Müesli ingredients. Because of my great love of Müesli and with a building desire to create my own line of healthy and tasty Müesli, I started to experiment. For many years, I tested and tried different ingredients and combinations of ingredients for their nutritional and flavour values. This finally led to the creation of my own line of delicious Artisanal Müesli and Granola.

As you wander through my website in addition to my Müesli products, you will also discover other delicious tempting things to try: Emma’s Desserts. The creation of new recipes is for me a never ending process. Every day new ideas swirl around in my mind, new ideas I cannot wait to try

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