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Artisanal Muesli | Swiss Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Banana

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Delicious Artisanal Müesli made with only spelt flakes, swiss dark chocolate 64% cocoa, swiss dark chocolate chips 70% cocoa, coconut, homemade dried ginger, freeze-dried banana and extra virgin olive oil arbequina.
The 4 nutritive seeds and dark chocolate chips give a crispy texture and homemade dried ginger a spicy touch. All is infused in ceylon cinnamon, rose water, acacia honey and swiss alpine salt. Banana and Ginger without added sugar.
Emma’s Müesli is made with quality ingredientes, careful process to get the finest, healthiest and most delicious müesli.

Size: 220g, 440 g and 880 g

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Ingredients of Artisanal Muesli Swiss Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Banana

  • Spelt flakes with swiss dark chocolate (64% cacao)
  • Swiss dark chocolate chips ( 70% cacao)
  • Seeds (chia, sesame, ground lin and sunflower)
  • Coconut
  • Homemade dried ginger without added sugar
  • Freeze-dried banana without added sugar
  • Extra virgin olive oil Arbequina
  • Honey
  • Rose Water
  • Swiss Alpine Salt


The bag to pack Emma’s Muesli is made of aluminum-free aroma preservation. The material is a composite of brown kraft paper and barrier film. This barrier is made of environmentally friendly PE film laminate, which requires less energy to produce than is the case with aluminum. These eco bags feature highly effective oxygen barrier that keeps Emma’s Muesli fresher.

Once opened consume and seal the bag carefully to keep fresh after each use.

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I ship Emma’s Muesli freshly made within 3 working days.

Deliveries are currently limited to Switzerland.

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Artisanal Muesli | Swiss Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Banana
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